About Us

About Diversity Sciences

Diversity is meant to encompass the full spectrum of characteristics of our society including (but not limited to) gender identity, racial/ ethnic background, religious beliefs, age, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, and physical ability.

The focus of our research includes the creation, interpretation, and maintenance of climate assessment, group differences among individuals; the micro (individual, psychological), and macro (team, group, organizational, societal), consequences of group and subgroup distinctions and differences (real or otherwise); ostracism and out-of-the-loop experiences, test score differences, and the achievement gap; representation in STEM, and various other implications for cognitive, social, and organizational science.


About Us

The Carter-Sowell Science for a Diverse Society (SDS) Research Group seeks to:

  • Broaden participation in diversity science research activities
  • Cultivate innovative collaborations and mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Derive evidence-based strategies to foster suitable, meaningful, and enduring solutions