Funded Projects

Note: Funding synopses – Total of 12 funded, competitive grants; 83% are research focused and 17% are professional training focused; 50% from external sources and 50% from internal sources.


2019-2020       Cross, S. (PI), Uskul, A. (Co-PI), Salter, P. (Co-PI), Arzu Wasti, S. (Co-PI), & Carter-Sowell, A. R. (Co-PI). Collaborative researchHonor as Goal Pursuit: A Cross- Cultural Investigation. Project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Science (BCS), EPSCoR, and International Research Grant #1451540Total funded: $56,745.00.00.

2018-2019       Carter-Sowell, A. R. (PI). Marginalized groups and individual differences: An interdisciplinary perspective of social dynamics. Project funded by the Texas A&M University Melbern G. Glasscock Center Undergraduate Summer Scholars Fellowship, Total funded: $15,000.00.

2017-2022       Butler-Purry, K. L. (PI), Carter-Sowell, A. R. (Co-PI), King, S. (Co-PI), Challoo, L. (Co-PI), Regisford, E. G. (Co-PI), Pellios, J. (Co-PI), Fowler, D. (Co-PI), Moreira, R. (Co-PI), Mehrubeoglu, M. (Co-PI), et al. Collaborative research: The Texas A&M System AGEP Alliance.. Project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant #1723255, #1723165, #1723253, and #1723260, Total funded: $2.8 million.

2013-2019       Butler-Purry, K. L. (PI), Carter-Sowell, A. R. (Co-PI), Spaulding, A. (Co-PI), Regisford, E. G. (Co-PI), Coffin, R. (Co-PI), Challoo, R. (Co-PI), Malave, C. O. (Co-PI), Reed, D. (Co-PI), & Darensbourg, M. Y. (Co-PI). Collaborative research: Advancing interdisciplinary STEM graduate education for underrepresented minorities in energy and sustainability disciplines. Project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant # 1308144, 1308163, 1308149, 1308080, and 1308200, Total funded: $1.2 million.

2017-2018       Vaid, J. (Co-PI) & Carter-Sowell, A. R. (Co-PI). Diversity Science Brownbag Series. Project funded by the Texas A&M University, College of Liberal Arts, Innovations in Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accountability (IIDEA) Grant Program, Total funded: $3,000.00.

2016-2018       Carter-Sowell, A. R. (PI), Liu, S. (Co-PI), & He, Y. (Co-PI). The Power of Social Climate Change: Studies of Chronic Ostracism Experiences in the TAMU Academic Community. Project funded by the Texas A&M University Office for Diversity, Total funded: $3,000.00.

2015-2018       Carter-Sowell, A. R.