Lab News and Current Events

Undergraduate student of Diversity Sciences accepts internship in Washington D.C. 

Mr. God’swill Osa has relocated to Washington D.C. for an internship at a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank and civic enterprise for Education and Skills. God’swill’s experience as a student in Dr. Carter-Sowell’s WGST class was beneficial because “it forced me outside of my comfort zone to seek answers in the campus community and not rely solely on textbooks for learning.” As he persists on his academic journey and career pursuits, God’swill continues to receive support from the members of the SDS Research GroupGod’swill is pursuing a career that allows him to use his talents and love for people to tackle relevant issues in the lives of others and make a difference in his community. God’swill Osa is from Plano, Texas, he earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, and he is a Texas A&M University Class of 2016 graduate.  During the summer of 2018, he is completing a Masters of Arts in Political Science.

SDS Researchers Graduate and Head to Distinguished Programs for Graduate School  

Zanbria Asante was admitted to the Master of Arts program in Psychological Science at California State University, San Marcos Campus. Zan’s experience as a SDS researcher was beneficial because “I gained knowledge in research by working on projects that focus on how perceived campus identities foster inclusive climates within undergraduate women of color. As I continue on to the next chapter of my life, I look forward to the continued use of research skills I’ve gained in Dr. Carter-Sowell’s lab.” Zanbria Asante is from Austin, Texas, she earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, and she is a Texas A&M University Class of 2018 graduate.

Kate Whitley will be attending Texas Woman’s University (TWU) in Denton, Texas to pursue a Master’s degree in their Counseling & Development Program. “Thank you so much (Dr. Carter-Sowell) for all of your support. Working in your research lab helped give me the clarity I needed to make a decision about my future, and for that I’m forever grateful.”

SDS Research Group is well-represented at the 2018 Spring Student Research Week Conference 

During Student Research Week at Texas A&M University, Breanna Hernandez, of the SDS Research group, gave a poster presentation on current research conducted in partnership with the Mathur Lab. The submission entitled, “Is Social Pain Associated with Heightened Sensitivity to Physical Pain? Laboratory Evidence Contributing to Pain Overlap Theory” attracted a great deal of positive interest and generated engaging discussions with the judges, fellow presenters, and attendees.

Undergraduate Student of Diversity Sciences hired to Teach for America

Christelle Tambwe is a refugee immigrant from Congo, Kinshasa. She’s a recent class of 2017 alumni from Texas A&M University, where she earned her Bachelors of Arts in Women’s & Gender Studies with a Psychology minor. Christelle is currently preparing to become an educator. She aspires to teach middle school students this August 2018 in Houston Texas. With her passion for advocacy and politics, Christelle joined Teach for America to spark the minds of future leaders of America. “I would like to thank Professor Carter-Sowell for not only being my first representation of Black women in academia, but for all that she does in research and in the classroom. You’ve made two semester at TAMU eye opening, impactful and enjoyable. For that I am forever grateful.”

Christelle Tambwe

SDS Research Group Alumni Graduates and Accepts Admissions to the University of Michigan

Maiya Whiteside successfully completed a position in the 2016 APA Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity. This research intensive program provided hands-on training that makes students more competitive when applying for top doctoral programs. In May 2018, Maiya received her Bachelor’s degree from North Carolina State University from the College of Humanities & Social Sciences. For Academic Year 2018-2019, Maiya will enroll in a doctoral program at the University of Michigan. She was selected from over 100 applicants to receive 1 of 9 admission offers. Maiya plans to continue her participation in our multi-campus, collaborative research project on gender stereotypes as she earns her Ph.D.

Congratulations to Dr. Carter-Sowell chosen as a Mentor for the Excellence uniting Culture, Education, and Leadership (ExCEL) Program 

Dr. Carter-Sowell was nominated and selected by students and staff to serve as an ExCEL Mentor for the 2018-2019 academic year.  ExCEL is an undergraduate student organization that provides incoming students with the resources and connections necessary for personal discovery and growth. ExCEL identified Dr. Carter-Sowell’s understanding of the complexities and nuances of marginalization and study of what’s needed for underserved students to move forward, to graduate, and succeed.  The structure for ExCEL mentoring has two layers, peer and faculty/staff.  Additionally, there will be planned activities throughout the academic year, including the 31st annual conference to be held in College Station, TX.

SDS Research Group well-represented at the 2017 Society for Personality and Social Psychology annual conference

During the 2017 Society for Personality and Social Psychology annual conference, members of the SDS Research group worked as volunteer staff and gave presentations on current research, including a talk at the Social Psychology, Policy and Law preconference, a datablitz at the Health preconference, and three poster presentations, including a poster with former SDS research assistant, Austin Wilcox (pictured). 

Carla A. Zimmerman awarded a 2016-2017 Dissertation Fellowship

carla-zimmermanCongratulation to Carla A. Zimmerman, Ph.D. Candidate in Social Psychology who has been selected to receive a Texas A&M University Dissertation Fellowship for the 2016-2017 academic year.  The TAMU Office of Graduate and Professional Studies assists the awardees with costs associated with their doctoral dissertations and sponsors a Dissertation/Thesis Writing Retreat to assist fellows in progressing through the difficult writing stages of the dissertation and towards its completion.

Professor Carter-Sowell selected to speak at the AAPO First Friday Lecture.

First Friday AAPODuring the First Friday Lecture scheduled for December 2, 2016, Dr. Adrienne R. Carter-Sowell will lead a discussion on Perceptions of Professional Fit.

 The First Friday Lecture Series is presented by the African-American Professional Organization (AAPO) and is sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Diversity. The one-hour lecture is broadcasted from Studio M of the Moore Communications Center—the home of KAMU TV-FM—on the campus of Texas A&M University in College Station.

Congratulations to Carla A. Zimmerman, Graduate Student in the TAMU Social Psychology Program, for her service to the profession.

Carla has been appointed to the Psychology of Women Quarterly Student Advisory Board Editorial Staff published by the American Psychological Association’s (Division 35) Society for the Psychology of Women.

Congratulations to Dr. Carter-Sowell who is the recipient of the 2016 Carolyn Payton Early Career Publication Award

Dr. Carter-Sowell received the 2016 Carolyn Payton Early Career Publication Award, sponsored by the American Psychological Association, Division 35, Section I, for a theoretically based, peer-reviewed publication that demonstrates creativity and distinguishes itself as making a major contribution to deepening the understanding of the psychology of Black Women.

Carter-Sowell, A. R. & Zimmerman, C. A. (2015). Hidden in plain sight: Locating, validating, and advocating the stigma experiences of women of color. Sex Roles: A Journal of Research (Feminist Forum), 73, 399-407.

Congratulations to Dr. Carter-Sowell who has won the Texas A&M University Diversity Service Award

The ACE Awards (formerly Diversity Awards) are sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs, Office for Diversity, Department of Multicultural Services, Department of Disability Services, Women’s Resource Center, Aggie Allies, Consensual Language, Education, Awareness, and Relationships Office and Student Government Association Diversity Commission. The Awards acknowledge and honor students, faculty and staff for their demonstrated commitment to the Texas A&M core value of RESPECT by promoting respectful treatment of others, affirming and encouraging individuals to take pride in their social and cultural identities, and including all in their definition of the “Aggie Family”.  The ACE Awards were renamed in 2016 in the spirit of the Texas A&M Diversity Plan, which centers award criteria on the three overarching goals of the Diversity Plan: Accountability, Climate, and Equity.and the Women’s Progress Award.  The award ceremony will be held in the MSC Building, room 2300 on Wednesday, April 13th at 11:30am. For more information go to:

Congratulations to Dr. Carter-Sowell who has won the Texas A&M University Women’s Resource Center Award.

The Women’s Progress Award, sponsored by the Women’s Resource Center, honors students, staff, faculty, and administrators who encourage and promote sensitivity to and awareness of issues that relate to women. Faculty nominees must foster an environment that is supportive to the needs of women and provide class content and lectures that are inclusive in their approach and sensitivity to women’s issues. For more information go to:

Dr. Carter-Sowell Selected for TAMU Diversity Matters Seed Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Adrienne R.  Carter-Sowell, who has received a Texas A&M Diversity Matters Seed Grant to support her research!  This program is intended to advance creative research initiatives that seek to accelerate progress in achieving equity in representation and professional recognition of under-represented groups at Texas A&M University.

Maiya Whiteside successfully completes the Texas A&M University-American Psychological Association (TAMU-APA) Undergraduate Summer Scholars Program

Maiya Whiteside received a position in the 2016 APA Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity. She joined our research group for the 2016 summer session. This research intensive program provided hands-on training that makes students more competitive when applying for top doctoral programs. Maiya plans to continue her participation in our multi-campus, collaborative research project on gender stereotypes when she returns to North Carolina State University for the 2016-2017 academic year.